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Corrugated Walls

ADS METAL A.Ş can answer to its costumers needs with short delivery times by its 3 corrugated walls lines with the capacity of 1200 tons of corrugated walls per month and high quality products.

Note: For edge bendings starting from the last fin min. bending start distance is 30mm. With its automatic machinary with %99 sensitivly we are able to make 45 - 90 inside or outside bendings.

Spot Welding

ADS METAL makes its spot weldings with its last tech and very flexible machinary completely computer controlled system, we can put spot welding to any dimention inside the embossings. For technical deatils please kindly check the technical detail sheet above.

Super Onda Modal

Super Onda Model corrugated walls gives for transformer designers more effective cooling chance by its revolutionary design. It provides an oil circulation inside the corrugated wall and increases the heat transfer rate.


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