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Environment Policy

The Envoirment Policy of ADS METAL A.Ş. which makes production of Transformer Tanks, Corrugated Walls and Accessories for Distribution and Power Transformers are;

• To keep its production effects in the range of sustainable envoirment management not to effect life cycle, we serve in respectfull to legal obligations, envoirment regulations & terms;
• To take all actions with preventing actions and risk management attitude to control all kind of risks at its all activities;
• To use maximum efficiency of energy and natural resources;
• Not to harm ecologic balance at its activities;
• To decrease of wastes, to increase the reuse and recycle capacity, to eliminate the unrecyle meterails according to appropriate methods;
• To make activities for increasing the envoirment knowlage of the related parties ( Costumer, staff, out source ) and always improving the Enovirment Management System.

Hamza Yavuz
General Manager


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